Solar energy is coming

Yes, even to the Windy City and gray sky winters of Illinois! Solar panels are becoming more affordable and more efficient, and this is a really good thing for our state.
As rooftop solar generation takes off across our country, now is the time to work together to get solar right in Illinois, ensuring the growth of this important resource benefits all of our communities.
Clean, affordable energy is the foundation for a brighter, more sustainable future. As we look to this future, we want to ensure that we have the latest information on technological advances and policy regarding solar so we can be poised to bring solar into our neighborhoods and communities.

Now is the time to set Illinois and our communities up for success when it comes to solar.

We seek to:

Educate on Solar Power in Illinois

Educate on Solar Power
in Illinois

As solar power becomes increasingly available to Illinois residents, there are often more questions than answers. We educate ourselves and our communities on solar power and development opportunities.
We also engage our communities and our children to create a vision for clean energy in our neighborhoods.
Identify Responsible Solar Policies in Illinois

Explore and Pursue Smart

Solar Policies in Illinois

We wish to grow opportunities for solar in all communities. We explore and pursue energy policies that benefit and bring the value of clean energy to all of our communities, including more funding for the development of solar in low-income communities.
Pursue Solar Development in our Neighborhoods

Pursue Solar Development
in our Neighborhoods

The possibility of community solar in our neighborhoods is real. We want to be ready for when that happens and be prepared to grow solar in our communities through collaboration.